Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm leavin' on a jet plane ...

By the time you read this, I will be on my way to Portland, Oregon to visit my paternal kinfolk.  Don't be jealous ... okay, you can be a little jealous.  My grandmother says that she has ... wait for it ... scrapbooks!  (OMG!)  I am (obviously) taking my handy-dandy FlipPal scanner, a digital recorder, my camera, my laptop, my iPad and lots of batteries.  I can always buy clothes when I get there, I suppose.  Priorities, people.

I am also taking along the land records I found, as well as some of the pages I downloaded from Ancestry's updated yearbook collection, to share with Gramma.

I'm told we will likely visit my Aunt Marie, who has also done some family history research.  I think she will enjoy looking at the land records as much as I will enjoy seeing what other little gems she may possess that I haven't seen yet!  I even heard a rumor about a family barbeque ... yum!

Sometime in between visiting with family and friends, I plan on visiting the Clackamas Library.  They have a published Lanctot family history, and I intend on making a lot of copies, or at least a lot of scans.  I also hope to take some photos of our old house (even though I know it has undergone some renovations over the last 30-something years), the hospital where I was born, the high school where my grandfather taught, and the one my dad and his siblings attended, and other significant locations around Portland.

Whew!  I just hope I have time to do it all.  Sleep?  Who needs sleep?


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