Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sorting Saturday - Honeymoon Postcard

Yep.  I'm still sorting through all the stuff I scanned while visiting my grandmother a few weeks ago. I happened across this scanned postcard that my grandmother sent to her mother-in-law (my great grandmother, Mary Alice Schneider) while the couple were honeymooning at Lake Okoboji, Iowa, in August 1944.  Yes, I had already forgotten about it.

I need to get the story behind my grandfather's apparent foot injury and why my grandmother wouldn't go in the water.  Guess that's something else for the to-do list!

A recent photo (2005-ish) of Lake Okoboji can be found here.  It's a little scary how similar the view is to the postcard above.


Anonymous said...

I love old postcards.

You granmother was quite a bit more chatty than my ancestors were. Mine usually detail what they just had to eat...

Unknown said...

Thanks Dee! Apparently she wasn't chatty enough ... left me with some unanswered questions :)

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