Friday, October 05, 2012

There's a Lesson in Here Somewhere ...

I have never been so glad for a week to be over in my life.

It started out well enough ... I was getting stuff done at home and at work, and even managing to get a little research done while working on my Home Study Course lessons.

Then Wednesday.

I got a call at work from my daughter at about 4:45 p.m.  She was in tears.  She said I needed to come home right away because someone broke into our house.


So 3 hours and about a half pack of cigarettes later, the police left (after getting fingerprint dust all over the place) and we started the cleanup.  Broken glass, furniture in disarray ... even my mattress was strewn across my room.

You know what surprised me?  I wasn't worried about my research.  I back up my hard drive to Dropbox every month (thanks to Thomas MacEntee's thoughtful reminders), and back up my tree to Dropbox every time I change anything (because RootsMagic gives you that option).

Yes, as I was driving home ... after I convinced myself that my cats were faster than any burglars and were probably hiding somewhere and perfectly fine (they were) ... I was worried that the thieves stole my desktop PC (they didn't) and my laptop (they didn't) and my iPad (they didn't).  Needless to say, these were not very smart thieves.  But not because of any data that would be lost.  

So - everyone preaches about backing up your stuff because you never know when your computer will have a meltdown, but you also never know when your house will be burglarized either.  So chalk that up to another very good reason to do it.

So now, instead of having to replace my computers, I get to go shopping for alarm systems for my house.  And a big dog.  And maybe definitely a gun.

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Oh Jenny , that's horrible news. I know when that happens , it 's hard to feel safe for a new few nights after a home invasion . You managed to keep your sense of humor by writing this blog ! Magda aka " Maggie "

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