Friday, January 04, 2013

What's My Learning Style?

Last night I was playing catch up on my blog reading when I came across this post from Lorine over at Olive Tree Genealogy Blog.  This post from Midge over at the Granite In My Blood blog discusses Project-based learning versus Problem-based learning, and was the inspiration for Lorine to discover her learning style.

Incidentally, reading Lorine's post made me realize that for whatever reason I was not subscribed to Midge's blog - a problem that was immediately remedied. (Sorry, Midge!)

Well, thanks to Midge and Lorine, I had to find out for myself.  So I went and took this quiz.  Turns out, my learning style is pretty much all over the place.  Note the glaring absence of any Body-Kinesthetic learning.

Sadly, my research style is no different.  All. Over. The. Place. (but always in a chair!)

So what exactly are my strongest learning styles?  Linguistic tops the list at 67%.  What does this mean?  I learn best from written or spoken words.  Okay.  I can see that.  

The next strongest category is Logical-Mathematical.  Essentially, this means I "ask questions, find solutions, and reflect on the problem-solving process."  I guess.  I'm not really sure I spend time reflecting on the process ... I'm more likely to say "okay, solved that one. Next!"

What surprised me was the 56% in the Interpersonal category.  I never considered myself "in tune with the people around me and their motives, emotions, perspectives, and moods."  Never.  I mean, I've gotten pretty good at telling when my boss is ticked off, but that's mainly so I can just steer clear.

Midge also discusses "concrete sequential" and "abstract random" learning styles.  I'm not sure which of these I am, but I'm going to guess that it's concrete sequential - or maybe that's just what I'd like it to be - but it's probably like everything else: a mix of both.

In any case, thank you Midge and Lorine for guiding me toward this insight.  I hope to put this information to good use in helping me study the way my brain wants to, so I can finish my Home Study Course!

Incidentally, this topic goes hand-in-hand with DearMYRTLE's recent blog post about collaborative learning.  Conference planners and speakers may want to start taking a fresh look at their setups with the mindset that everyone learns differently - and plan accordingly.  

On a side note - the first thing on MY agenda would be tables in every conference room ... but maybe that's just me (I have a hard time taking notes on my iPad on my lap in a chair squished between two other people who are also trying to take notes).  What?  It's still about the learning, right?

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