Friday, April 15, 2011

Follow Friday ... or How To Lose 3 Hours of Your Life In One Sitting

Thanks to Greta for leading me to d kay s days' "Tuesday's Tip" blog post Build a Research Toolbox and Include Cornell’s Making of America, and Apple's comments on the same post, pointing me to another Making of America website at The University of Michigan.  I decided to check them out.  Wow.  Just wow.  Turns out Cornell and U of M collaborated to get the whole project done.  Each site has links to the other.

First, I started browsing the Cornell site ... not looking for anything in particular, just wondering what was there.  I spent at least 45 minutes reading The United States Democratic Review, of all things.  Then I noticed a link that said "browse civil war documents."  Hmmm.  Goodbye, hour and a half.

Then I looked at the U of M site.  The next time I looked at the clock, another 45 minutes had passed.  Seriously, I could spend the rest of the month between these two sites and still not be bored.  They are that fascinating ... even when the information isn't relevant to anything you're researching.

Both sites have the option of searching, or browsing by title, author, or subject.  You can even save stuff to your "bookbag" to email or download later.  Way cool.

So ... my sincere thanks to Greta, dkaysdays, and Apple for giving me yet another excuse for not being able to do my homework! :)

Disclaimer:  Don't claim that you haven't been warned of the addiction potential here.  


Anonymous said...

Okay, enough already!

Between you and another blogger on my reading list, I'll never get anything else done...

Just took a peek at your recommendations, bookmarked them, and then started to read, but told myself that will be my reward for getting my laundry finished.

Greta Koehl said...

Um, glad to help. I still haven't started filling my genealogy toolbox, yet - I started checking out websites and then ... time to go to bed!

Kay Strickland said...

I am glad you stopped by my site, and that you then headed to Making of America. I have yet found the time to head over to the U Mich site--can't wait!!

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