Saturday, June 11, 2011

Genealogy Success Team - Week Four

You know what I like about these Success Team updates?  I get to give myself a little pat on the back.  More importantly, I hope it will encourage ... heck, even inspire ... others to set some short-term, attainable goals for themselves.  I have actually started using this method for a lot of areas of my life (housework, homework, work-work, etc.), and I'm really starting to see some progress!  I couldn't do it without Laura.  Best. Teammate. Ever.

To recap, last weeks goals were:
  1. Go to the FHL.
  2. Transfer 5 peripheral people from FTM to RM4.
  3. Enter sources for Lucile Stiker's biography on my website.
  4. Blog more than once.
I actually went to the Family History Library on Saturday after our Team meeting.  First, as soon as I walked into the library, it felt like I was walking into someone's family room.  It was very cozy, inviting, and unpretentious.  I think some of the posters they had up were older than me.  The librarian, Deborah, was fantastic.  She was new, so she didn't even pretend to have all the answers, which I applauded.  We went on an exploration of the library together.  They have 4 microfilm readers (unfortunately, none of them are flash drive compatible), and one of those microfilm scanners that's hooked up to the computer.  They also have about 6 computers set up in a little room off the main room.  There are probably a dozen file cabinets full of films and fische, and TONS of notebooks with all sorts of information.  My work is cut out for me now.

Now that all of my (roughly documented) direct line ancestors have been transferred to RM4, which takes me back to my 3rd great grandparents, I am working on transferring all the peripheral relatives.  I'm basically following the same format as before (starting with most recent and working backward) and transferring all documents and other media, sourcing, etc. I'm continuing to make hard files for everyone too.  I managed to get about 14 people transferred this week, mainly because I simply don't have as much documentation on my peripheral line yet (but now that I've been working on this inferential genealogy course, I'm realizing that my peripheral relatives are just as important as my direct line ancestors!).

I already had the biography for my great grandmother, Lucile Francis Stiker, on my website, but I hadn't put her sources on there yet.  I finished that as well.  She can be seen here.

... and I've blogged three times (four, if you count my Faces of Genealogy post, which consisted only of a picture).

After a week of algebra, and realizing how much effort it's going to take to not only pass the class, but do it without annihilating my 3.92 GPA (did I mention I graduated summa cum laude?), I'm having to tone down my goals just a bit.  Here are my goals for this week:
  1. Go to first Delta Genealogical Society meeting.
  2. Select and send a French vital record for translation.
  3. Attend 4 Jamboree webinars.
  4. Work on Case 3 of Inferential Genealogy.
  5. Blog more than once.
See you next week!  GO TEAM!


Greta Koehl said...

You are doing so well, and I admire you and Laura so much for doing this. If my life ever gets sane again, this is something I will consider doing. For now I'm relying on weekly To Do lists - not too bad, I get some stuff done. Today's task is to make my Genealogy Bank subscription pay for itself and to take advantage of my free 6 months on Wishing you both continued progress!

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