Sunday, December 11, 2011

What's New, Copycat?

After Thanksgiving, I was playing catch-up with my blog reading, and I came across a post from Greta about her new and improved website.  I was inspired!  (And I use Weebly, so it made that much more inviting).

Because I was supposed to be doing something else altogether, I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and explore this new setup that Greta had and see if I could apply it to my own website.  Three hours later ... here we are.

I liked the pushy-outy things moving parts on Greta's sidebar, so in order to have that feature I had to change my basic template, so my website also has a whole new look.  It's much cleaner and easier to navigate, I think.

I only have 4 people on my site right now, but I'm finding out that it's easier to put their stories on my website than I thought.  The only one I have sourced and documented the "new" way is my great grandfather, Louis Phelisa Lanctot.  Instead of having a separate link to each source and each source linking to an image, I put each source and image on the same page.  It's one less step, which makes the process go a little faster.
Then the image pops out to full-size:

It will take a while to update the other three that were already there, but once I get that done and start putting all my other ancestors on the website, the cousins should start practically jumping into my boat, right?

Disclaimer: Neither Weebly nor Greta paid me to write this post.  I already had a Weebly site and domain, and Greta just happened to have some pretty awesome ideas that I decided to steal emulate!


Greta Koehl said...

Love the new look of your website - and especially your banner photo - gotta figure out how to make one of those! Thank you so much for the mention. I think our websites are kinda like dollhouses/train sets - so much fun to play around with, rearrange, make work in different ways. I'll be keeping an eye on Jenny-ology (which I have been doing, anyway, especially for research toolbox ideas). For the future I can see us playing with pictures, maps, timelines, videos, etc.

Jenny Lanctot said...

I agree, Greta! I'm trying to figure out how to embed some GoogleEarth tours into the biography pages on my website ... I think that will be fun.

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Yesterday I read Linda McCauley's blog about how important it was to have a website and why. I'd looked at Weebly when you first posted about your new toolbox there and I had bookmarked your site. Yesterday when I went to check it out again I saw how much you had changed it and I was inspired to go ahead with it and set up my own website. I worked all afternoon on it and I've learned a lot and it's starting to shape up. I've looked at Greta's too so I guess I'm getting ideas from both of you. I was glad to see you'd just posted on your blog about your changes on your website...great timing for me, thanks!

Jenny Lanctot said...

Lisa, your website looks great! It's simple and clean -- which I LOVE. You did a fantastic job :)

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