Saturday, December 31, 2011

Genealogy Goals - 2012 Edition

So here are my genealogy goals for 2012.  I'm hoping this year will go a little smoother than last year, now that I have a relatively sturdy foundation for goal-setting and goal reaching, thanks to the last several months of the Success Team with Laura.
  1. Obtain the addresses, birth dates, and anniversary dates for all of my first cousins on both sides of my family … and names and birth dates of spouses and children.  Oh and all my half siblings’ spouses and kids too.
  2. Attend at least five (5) Scanfests (or equivalent) this year - and actually scan stuff.
  3. Scan and label at least 15 photos and/or negatives each week, or until they are done, whichever happens first.
  4. Attend at least two (2) genealogy conferences.
  5. Give at least two (2) presentations to my genealogical society.
  6. Index at least 200 records per month at FamilySearch Indexing.
  7. Add at least five (5) individual ancestor stories to my website.
  8. Blog at least twice per week.
  9. Finish reading Greenwood's "The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy."
  10. Add at least three (3) website links per week to my online toolbox.
I plan to update my progress on these goals once per quarter, so ... we'll see how it goes!  Good luck to everyone on their goals for the new year!


Leslie Brinkley Lawson said...

Very attainable goals! Best of luck with staying focused to make it happen! Happy New Year!

Jenny Lanctot said...

Thanks, Leslie! Keep up the good work with your goals too, and have a very happy new year!

Jill Ball said...

Good, doable and specific goals. I like them. I'll be watching your progress with interest.

Jenny Lanctot said...

Thanks, Jill (so will I)!

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