Monday, April 30, 2012

Motivation Monday - 4th Month Goal Update

Speeding bullet?  Powerful locomotive?  Nope, that was just April whizzing by ... really really fast.  I'm a little scared to see how I did ...

1. Obtain the addresses, birth dates, and anniversary dates for all of my first cousins on both sides of my family … and names and birth dates of spouses and children. Oh and all my half siblings’ spouses and kids too.
Yep, still working on this one. 

2. Attend at least five (5) Scanfests (or equivalent) this year - and actually scan stuff.
Hooray!!  I got a Scanfest under my belt finally!  I managed to scan about 65 photos on Sunday.

3. Scan and label at least 15 photos and/or negatives each week, or until they are done, whichever happens first.
See #2 above.  And that, my friends, is the last of the photos from "the box."  I did a little happy dance, there.  Did you see?

4. Attend at least two (2) genealogy conferences.
I already registered and made my hotel reservations for FGS in Birmingham in August.  I'm also planning on attending the Family History Expo in Atlanta in November.

5. Give at least two (2) presentations to my genealogical society.
Still trying to decide on my next topic, but it looks like I will be presenting in October.

6. Index at least 200 records per month at FamilySearch Indexing.
I have officially punched through the 1,000 mark since April 1, and there's still plenty more to index.  So I'm feeling pretty confident about this one.

7. Add at least five (5) individual ancestor stories to my website.
Added one ancestor this month: Christina Ann Huber Slowey.  That makes 2 so far.

8. Blog at least twice per week.
Not including this post, I only have 6 for April.  I guess I slacked off a bit this month.  

9. Finish reading Greenwood's "The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy."
I read and attended the book club for Chapters 15 and 16 last week.  I've started reading Chapters 17 and 18.  Only 9 more chapters to go!

10. Add at least three (3) website links per week to my online toolbox.
The "pending" folder is completely empty.  I recently added some Irish and Canadian resources from a couple of webinars.

I'm proud of my progress with indexing (I'm no Bill West, but I'll take what I can get), but the rest of the list could certainly use some work.  I admit, I had a bit of a hard time focusing for the past couple of weeks.  I think it was part spring fever and part recuperation from sleep deprivation.  In any case, I plan to will do much better in May!

Do we share any ancestors?
Please email me at lostancestors [at] gmail [dot] com


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