Monday, July 18, 2011

Genealogy Success Team - Week 9

Ok, so as Laura mentioned in her blog, last week was a little rough for us.  I was dealing with some family issues, work issues, school issues, and probably 14 other kinds of issues, so I didn't get as much done as I planned ... but technically I was able to score some check marks on my list.  To recap, here's what I was supposed to do last week:

  1. Read 2 Casefile Clues.
  2. Blog more than once.
  3. Respond to the request for additional information from NARA re: military records.
  4. Order copies of Land Entry files from National Archives for Joseph Zenophile Lanctot and Philippe Lanctot.
  5. Request death certificate for Elizabeth Bourke Lanctot.
I was able to read one back issue of Casefile Clues and the latest issue of Casefile Clues for Beginners (I'm trying to keep current with that one!).  One check mark for me.

I technically posted more than once to my blog, thanks to the previously-scheduled Sunday's Obituary posts I wrote a few weeks ago.  Two check marks for me.

I filled out the NARA paperwork with as much information as I had and emailed the forms down to my aunt to take to my grandmother to sign.  Technically I did what my goal required.  I haven't gotten the forms back yet, so I can't make another goal until I have them in hand.  Three check marks for me.

Did you know that the land records cost a minimum of 40 bucks a pop??  Neither did I.  So, I had to wait until payday so I could request those records, which I did on Saturday.  Technically, it was still within the week, so it still counts, right?  Four check marks for me.

I also neglected to send off my request for Elizabeth's death certificate last week.  I just got too busy.  However, I'm glad I waited because it occurred to me that I had requested a bunch of vital records from South Dakota several months ago.  Even though Elizabeth's wasn't one of them, I did recall receiving a refund check from the South Dakota Department of Health (which I never cashed) for one record they couldn't find.  Ah ha!  So instead of mailing a payment to them, I just returned their check with my request for her certificate.  We'll see if that flies.  I hope it does;  the check is void after August 8!  Timing is everything, I suppose.  Five check marks for me.

My list for this week is not nearly as demanding (I'm taking some leeway with the definition of that term) as it was last week; two things that are always on my list and one thing that could take me 5 minutes or it could take me 5 weeks:
  1. Read 2 Casefile Clues.
  2. Blog more than once.
  3. Explore the universe for my 2nd great grandfather's obituary.  (I only have a month and year of his death and no location, which is why I have no idea how long it might take to find it).
So technically I got five check marks for the week.  It's still progress, and I'll take it wherever I can get it at this point.



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