Friday, July 01, 2011

My Canadian Ancestors

In honor of Canada Day, I wanted to give a little shout-out to my Canadian heritage.  

Joseph Zenophile Lanctot - b. January 15, 1861 in Montreal, Quebec; d. July 20, 1913 in Armour, South Dakota.  He is my 2nd Great Grandfather, and is the son of Pierre Lanctot and Sophia Longtin.  He and his brother Phillipe traveled to the United States from Canada together sometime in the early 1880s (he is still listed with his parents on the 1881 Census).  He married Elizabeth Bourke in Fremont, Nebraska, but I am uncertain of the date.  He and Eliza ran the first hotel in Armour, South Dakota, called "Armour House."

Pierre Lanctot* - b. November 1, 1824 in Quebec; d. March 21, 1896 in Quebec.  He married Sophia Longtin on November 18, 1851 in Quebec.  He is my 3rd Great Grandfather, father of Joseph Zenophile Lanctot.

Sophia Longtin* - b. 1830 in Quebec; d. unknown.  She married Pierre Lanctot on November 18, 1851 in Quebec.  I do not know when she died.

I only listed those direct ancestors which I can prove.  I have roughly a bajillion (okay, maybe 175) others, direct and collateral, but I have no documentation on any of them except census records.

*I have more information on Pierre and Sophia, which I hope are baptism and death records, but I can't read them yet -- they're all in French!


FrustratedSue said...

Do you want to post the French items somewhere? Or email them to me? (I minored in French in College and still have a small ability with it.) I'll see if I can translate.
If you choose email send me a private message (Facebook? Second Life?) and I'll send you my email address.

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