Monday, January 09, 2012

National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Well, I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I thought "oh, I'll participate in National Clean Off Your Desk Day!"  Ay caramba.  I really meant it as motivation to clean off my desk at work, which usually serves as a catch-all for anything my boss doesn't want to deal with.  This is what I encountered this morning when I got to the office:
... and just so you'll be really impressed, here's the other side of the office:
It was a little overwhelming at first, but just by picking up one thing at a time and dealing with it, I was able to clean off my desk (and credenza) before the end of the day!
Those papers on my desk are actually for reference; they're under the glass, they don't count!
Whew!  I made it.  Of course ... then I came home to this:
YIKES!!!  Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as I thought, and I was able to get it under control in about an hour:
Pay no attention to the box by the window.  It's not on my desk, it doesn't count!
Now if I can just get the cats to stop messing up my office while I'm at work ... good grief.

So ... how did you celebrate Clean Off Your Desk Day?


Greta Koehl said...

Oooh - TWO desks cleaned. I can't match that. I try, but stuff just keeps coming back.

Donna - What's Past is Prologue said...

Wow, I'd be thrilled to death if my desk looked like your BEFORE photo much less your AFTER photo!

Unknown said...

@Greta - don't be too impressed. It's likely to only last the day.

@Donna - see above. LOL!!

(Thank goodness Clean Your Desk Day is only one day a year, right?)

GeniAus said...

I am impressed, Jenny.

My excuse for ignoring the day is taht I couldn't locate my desk in my study.

Unknown said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, Jill! That's probably the best excuse ever! (If you don't see it, it doesn't exist, right?)

Michelle Goodrum said...

I didn't tackle my real desk this year for Clean Off your Desk Day, I went for a small desk in the kitchen where our phone is. Found a 50 dollar gift card to Cheesecake Factory! Is that a great reward or what?!

Unknown said...

That is fantastic, Michelle! I didn't find anything but a pack of stale crackers. Trade?

Michelle Goodrum said...


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