Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Genealogy Day - Who Else Am I Looking for in 1940?

Happy Genealogy Day!

In honor of today, I have finally finished putting together the rest of my list of folks to find on the 1940 census:

Crowe (Post), Mary Ellen (F); Bert R. Post, Indianapolis, IN, ED 96-35, 96-36, 96-37
Crowe (Bartlow) Olive L (F), Henry Bartlow, Mt. Vernon, IN, ED 65-6
Huber (Smith), Bertha (F), Gerard Smith, Sioux City, IA, ED 97-37A-B, 97-31, 97-46, 97-47
Huber, Cecelia A. (F), Yankton, SD, ED 68-18, 68-22A-B
Huber (Cunningham), Josephine M. (F), William Cunningham, Yankton, SD, ED 68-18, 68-22A-B
Lanctot, Elmer (M), Cook Co., IL, ED 16-411, 16-412
Lanctot (Luchsinger), Josephine (F); Fred Luchsinger, Ramsey Co., MN, ED 90-15, 90-16, 90-18
Lanctot, Josephine (F), Yankton, SD, ED 68-18, 68-22A-B
Lanctot (Barnes), Marie (F); Leo Herbert Barnes, Armour, SD, ED 22-1
Slowey (Cunningham), Kate (F); Patrick Cunningham, Yankton, SD, ED 68-18, 68-22A-B

This brings my total to a whopping 37 people!  It will be a lot easier to find your own folks if we get lots of volunteers to index the census images when they are released on April 2!  Celebrate Genealogy Day by going to the 1940 U.S. Census Community Project and signing up to help index today!

Do we share any ancestors?
Please email me at lostancestors [at] gmail [dot] com


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