Saturday, March 17, 2012

National Quilting Day - Gramma's Quilts

No, I don't quilt.  I do not have the patience nor the attention to detail it requires.  My maternal grandmother, on the other hand, is a quilting maniac!  Over the years, she made a quilt for each of her children (6), and each of her grandchildren (9) ... and at least one great grandchild (my daughter).

We were allowed to choose the pattern and color for our quilts.  I chose a double wedding ring pattern.  I didn't have to choose a color because Gramma made the quilt pieces old clothes that my sister and I had worn when we were little.  How's that for heirloom-y?

I received my quilt when I was 16, in 1985.  My daughter got hers when she was significantly younger (but then again, the quilt is also significantly smaller), in 1990.  She was less than a year old.

Here is my daughter's:

Gramma always signed and dated her work.
Here's mine:
Gramma said she would never make another double-wedding
ring quilt again after she finished this one.  Pays to be the
oldest grandchild, I guess!

The pieces are older than the quilt itself, and the poor quilt is really suffering.
Because of some health issues over the past several years, Gramma isn't able to quilt anymore.  At some point, perhaps I'll get the nerve to repair the quilt myself -- maybe with some of my daughter's old clothes -- but what I really need to do first and foremost is figure out how to store the darn thing so it doesn't get any worse!  I know there are some quilters out there ... any ideas?

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