Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let's Get Ready to Rumble ... er ... Index!

This week, the 1940 U.S. Census Community Project is holding a contest that is open to EVERYONE!  You can read the fine print here.

The contest will require you to download the FamilySearch Indexing software and complete a practice batch that will simulate what indexing the 1940 U.S. Census will be like.  That’s all you have to do!  One entrant will be chosen at random to win a $100 Visa gift card and two entrants will be chosen to win $50 Visa gift cards.

Think the indexing will be hard?  Nah.  The indexing program walks you through by highlighting each column, and providing any special instructions as you progress:
Can't quite make out a name?  That's okay.  Lists are provided so you can look them up!
Worried that you might make a mistake?  Don't be.  Checks and balances are at work behind the scenes.  First, each record is indexed by at least 2 indexers.  Then, once the indexed records are submitted, they are compared by computer.  Any records with discrepancies are submitted for arbitration.  Arbitrators are actual living, breathing people who have a lot of experience with indexing.  They review the original image side-by-side with both indexing submissions and make a determination on which one is correct.

Still unsure?  There are lots of resources to help!

Don't think you have enough time?  Nonsense.  Indexing can be done for a few minutes or a few hours each day.  You make your own schedule ... or no schedule at all!  This is especially true now that you can index while on-the-go!  FamilySearch has released its new mobile app for indexing for both iPad/iPhone and Android.  Just found out it will be another 30 minutes before the doctor can see you?  No problem.  Whip out your phone and start indexing!

So now that I've basically crushed every excuse you had, what are you waiting for?  Go to the 1940 U.S. Census Community Project and sign up today!  You could be a winner!

As part of the1940census.com ambassador program, this blog post enters me into a drawing for an Amazon Kindle Fire. 

Do we share any ancestors? 
Please email me at lostancestors [at] gmail [dot] com


Sue McPeak said...

Congrats on your entry for the 1940 US Census Ambassador Weekly Contest. If I weren't already an Indexer and Ambassador, I sure be on my way to signing up after reading your very informative and user friendly description of becoming an Indexer. Great job and Best of Luck!

I hope you'll have a chance to stop by and view my Entry on CollectInTexas Gal....Sue

Jenny Lanctot said...

Sue, thanks for the kind words! I checked out your blog too, and I love it!

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