Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back In The Saddle Again ...

I'm not sure anyone has really noticed, but it's been a while since my blog has seen any activity.  A little over three weeks, to be exact.

It all started with a vacation that turned into an unexpected (but sorely-needed) sabbatical.  I returned on Memorial Day and didn't even plug my computer back in until yesterday.  Of course, I was still able to access my email and facebook from my phone, so I wasn't officially "off the grid."  By the same token, I also wasn't sitting in front of my computer for hours every day.  It was very liberating!

Now I'm getting back into the swing.  I've tried to catch up on my blog reading, and ran across the Family History Through the Alphabet challenge ... which I plan on hope to be able to tackle (and catch up to) in the next few days.

This weekend is pretty much monopolized by the live webcasts from SCGS Jamboree, and I'm getting some good ideas about ways to find new stuff about my ancestors.  I hope these will eventually turn into some pretty decent blog posts.

Until next time ... yee haw!

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