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They're in the Army now ...

This is another newspaper article that was published in the Yankton Press & Dakotan, probably around mid-1940 (the 147th wasn't called into federal action until about November 1941).  I am transcribing all of these names in hopes that their names will pop up on an internet search if someone is looking for them.  I am happy to email a digital copy of this article to anyone who needs it.

Over 100 Local Officers And Men Leave Today With Guard

Here are the 101 officers and men who compose the roster of Battery "E," local National Guard unit, which is leaving today for Camp Ord, Calif., to become a part of the greatest peacetime army in United States history.

Chester A. Beaver, Commanding Officer

First Lieutenants
Ott Kabeiseman
Carl Youngworth

Second Lieutenants
Robert Seeley
Donald Perry (who would later marry my grandmother's sister, Elinor, becoming yet another granduncle)

First Sergeant
Earl G. Schlegelmilch, Tabor

Staff Sergeant
Lawrence Nelson

Arnold F. Albrecht, Mission Hill
Richard R. Cacek, Tabor
Lyle E. Hamner
Paul A. Jacobsen
Elwood G. Jorgensen, Irene
Harry J. King, Tabor
Lewis A. Van Osdel

Thomas P. Binder, Tabor
William E. Brewer, Miranda
McKie Eastman
Robert F. Haney
Donald L. Jones
Lawrence H. Kaiser
Elmer L. Kamback
Harold B. Nelson
Edgar D. Ollermann
Dale W. Sly, Tabor
Ralph O. Stengle

Privates --- First Class
Francis J. Albrecht, Mission Hill
Ben J. Blazek, Tabor
Robert Blazek, Tabor
Elvin J. Hammeren
Thomas V. Rogers
Willard W. Welfl, Tabor

Harold J. Bahr
Robert F. Bartow
William J. Cacek, Tabor
Kenneth R. Canfield
Elwood H. Carlson, Alexandria
Kenneth E. Christensen, Mission Hill
Charles L. Cokeley, Tyndall
Donald J. Colgan, Tyndall
Clarence L. Cowman
Frank Den Ouden, Springfield
Grant Ferguson, Tyndall
George Giesen, Stickney
Paul A. Grosshuesch, Scotland
Clarence F. Haas
Ralph J. Haas
Frank G. Haberer
John R. Halla
Clifford H. Hicks
John H. Hoaglin, Springfield
Dural L. Hodge, Farmer
Carl J. Hohenthaner
Willard Holbrook
Gerhard J. Hunhoff, Utica
Robert H. Johnson
Albert A. Kaiser
David Kasdan
Fred J. Kessler
Theodore Q. Kessler, Springfield
Laddie F. Kucera, Tabor
James L. Lanctot (my granduncle)
Edward J. Lanctot (my grandfather)
Harvey J. Lokken
Lauren L. Lokken
John S. Lubbers
Charles K. Mahan
Bruce E. Mahr
Donald L. McCabe
Lester M. Mielke, Menno
Robert W. Mielenz
Harold J. Modereger
Donald G. Modereger
Howard W. Nelson
Robert E. Novotny, Tabor
Lyle F. Peterson, Rapid City
Clarence E. Pishek, Tabor
Alvin J. Reker, Lismore, Minn.
Robert R. Ritts
Raymond J. Rossman
John D. Sabatka, Tabor
Albert A. Sadler, Mission Hill
Norman J. Schuett, Tyndall
Kenneth J. Schulte
Leon T. Scoblic, Tyndall
Charles L. Showers, Mission Hill
Vernon G. Slowey, Utica (my granduncle)
Vernett S. Stortvedt, Volin
Harry R. Talbot
John W. Trierweiler
Norman A. Trotter, Scotland
Leland L. Truesdell, Burke
Wilmar E. VanderKooi, Springfield
Henry H. Voll, Mission Hill
John W. Vollmer
LeVerne Whiting
Harold F. Winters
Joe F. Wuestewald

All men whose addresses are not given are registered as residents of Yankton.

Lieutenant Carl Youngworth has now been officially attached to Battery "E."  Private George W. Coates of Vermillion is reported to be in Oregon and all attempts to notify him of the mobilization have failed up to the present time.  As soon as he is contacted he will join the Battery at Camp Ord.


Peter Walker said...

Were the men in this news paper clipping ever stationed at Camp Cable Brisbane Australia between 1942-1944?

Regards Peter Walker

Jenny Lanctot said...

Peter, I believe they were, yes. I think they broke off into two battalions, but I can't recall if it was before or after Brisbane. I think it was later - after they left Australia and went to Fiji. I switched blog hosts ... you can read the rest of the story here:

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