Monday, February 27, 2012

The 1940 Census - Who Is On My List?

Only 34 more days until the release of the 1940 census!  

While it isn't the first time I will find some of my living relatives on a census, I'm still very excited!  All four of my grandparents were on the 1930 census - as small children - and on the 1940 census they will be grown, and both of my grandfathers will be getting ready to head off to fight in WWII.

So who are the people I will be focusing on for the 1940 census?  These are mostly direct-line ancestors, but there are a few collateral folks in there too.  I have a whole other list with even more collateral folks to look up, but these are my priority.  Using the One-Step tools created by Steve Morse, I have already determined (hopefully) the enumeration district where they should be found, which should make things a little easier.

Theresa Burns, Mayfield, Yankton, SD (ED 68-8)
Albert L. Crowe, Indianapolis, IN (ED 96-285, 96-286)
Charles C. Crowe, Mt. Vernon, IN (ED 65-5, 60-15, 60-16)
Harold John & Lucile Francis Crowe, Indianapolis, IN (ED 96-283) 
Harold John Crowe, Jr., Indianapolis, IN (ED 96-289, 96-290)
James M. Crowe, Mt. Vernon, IN (ED 65-5)
Mabel L. Crowe, Gosport, IN (ED 60-15, 60-16)
Owen Charles Crowe, Mt. Vernon, IN (ED 65-4)
Mary Alice (Egan) Schneider, Yankton, SD (ED 68-18, 68-22A-B)
John Joseph Gallagher, Ridgefield, NJ (ED 2-273, 2-276, 2-278)
Jeannette (Heerdink) Stiker, Mt. Vernon, IN (ED 65-5)
Edward John Lanctot, Yankton, SD (ED 68-18, 
James Lanctot, Yankton, SD (ED 68-18, 68-22A-B)
Joseph Lanctot, Yankton, SD (ED 68-18, 68-22A-B)
Emma T. (Rothmeyer) Huber, Yankton, SD (ED 68-27)
Mary Alice (Schneider) Lanctot, Yankton, SD (ED 68-18, 68-22A-B) 
Clare Maxine Slowey, Yankton, SD (ED 68-18, 68-22A-B)
John Edward Slowey, Mayfield, Yankton, SD (ED 68-8)
Thomas Patrick & Christina Ann (Huber) Slowey, Yankton, SD (ED 68-8)
Vernon G. Slowey, Mayfield, Yankton, SD (ED 68-8)
I have made plans to be off work for the entire day on April 2, and will be indexing my little fingers off.  I will be checking blogs periodically until that day for other people's lists -- in addition to my own -- to see if I run across anyone else's folks while I'm indexing.

FamilySearch,, and have joined together to make sure the 1940 census gets indexed and published as quickly as possible.  If you haven't already, I strongly encourage you to join me as a volunteer indexer for the 1940 census.  It's a great opportunity to give back (and get some research done in the process)!

Do we share any ancestors? 
Please email me at lostancestors [at] gmail [dot] com


Mary said...

Great post, I need to do the same thing!!

Jenny Lanctot said...

Which? The list, or volunteering? (I recommend both!) Steve Morse's site is a tremendous time-saver in trying to figure out the 1940 EDs. Of course, if we get enough volunteers, we may not have to wait very long to have the entire census indexed! :)

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