Saturday, February 11, 2012

National Inventor's Day - Elmer Lanctot

In honor of National Inventor's Day, I thought I would shine the spotlight on my great grand uncle, Elmer Lanctot.

Elmer is the youngest son of my 2nd great grandfather, Joseph Zenophile Lanctot.  He was born 30 August 1899 in Charles Mix County, South Dakota.  He married Blanche D. Davis on 7 Jan 1920, and had two sons, Robert and William, and a daughter, Patricia.  In 1951, he married Minnie Benson.  He died 21 June 1973 in Mitchell, South Dakota and is buried at Graceland Cemetery.

On August 3, 1937, Elmer, in partnership with Henry G. and Anson F. Scharnweber of Mitchell, South Dakota, were issued patent number 2,088,753 for an "air cooling apparatus."

The invention was actually a series of improvements on the then current automobile air conditioner.  It's principle purpose was to provide a system that was driven by the vehicle's engine and to make it less likely to malfunction.

I'm pretty sure it was quickly overcome by the next "new and improved" patent, but still ... it's a little bit cool, right?

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