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Sunday's Obituary - Louis P. Lanctot

Louis Lanctot - he's the one with
the big arrow pointing at him.  I don't
know who the other gentlemen are in the car


Yankton Press & Dakotan.
Yankton, South Dakota,
23 October 1922
Louis P. Lanctot, formerly of Yankton, was instnatly [sic] killed near Casper, Wyo. Saturday afternoon, when a heavy auto truck, loaded with lumber, turned over pinning him underneath.  Such was the news that reached Louis Schneider, of 705 Pine St., yesterday morning, who was the father-in-law of the deceased.  Mrs. Eliza Lanctot, mother of Louis, and also a brother, Arthur, were in Yankton, as it happened, on their way west and were notified of the tragedy just as they were leaving.  The body will be brought to Yankton for burial, arriving tomorrow night if connections are made.

Louis P. Lanctot was born in Saunders county, Nebraska, Sept. 17, 1887 and was married at Sacred Heart church, this city, to Miss Alice Schneider, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schneider, of Pine street, and they resided here for several years.  About five years ago Mr. Lanctot took up land five years ago Mrs. Lanctot took up land in Wyoming, settling near Bucknam, 25 miles from Casper, and his family joined him there.  On Saturday Mr. Lanctot drive to Casper for a load of lumber and on his return, not far from Casper, his truck turned over,  It is understood here he was instantly killed or died very soon afterwards.  Mrs. Lanctot and four little children, aged from one year to seven, survive.  In addition to these relatives Mr. Lanctot leaves his mother, Mrs. Eliza Lanctot; three brother, Arthur and William of Armour; Elmer, of Parkston, and two sisters, Mrs. Fred Lichsinger [Luchsinger], of Wyoming, Minn., and Mrs. L. H. Barnes, of Armour.  Mrs. Lanctot left Casper today with the remains of her husband and funeral arrangements will be made here after her arrival.

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